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Clothing Maker

General Equipment

  • Tablets for belt making
  • Bone Naalbinding needles
  • Bone needles for wool
  • Flat brass needles for clothing


  • Stand-up loom, weights, weaver's sword, etc.
  • Loose wool, spiked cards, spinner, spindles of wool
  • Loose linen, rhetting/beating tools, spinner & spindle of cloth
  • nap-raising kit (brushes, lanolin)


  • Bowls of dyestuff herbs, galls, mordants
  • Examples of dyed materials after different runs of dyes, blends etc.
  • Cauldrons to boil materials, spoons/sticks for stirring


  • Garments chopped up, ready to be stitched
  • Old Clothes, being chopped up
  • Paper patterns, done by scribes
  • Shears, needles, threads, trimmings
  • Cloth buttons, leather toggles
  • Small caps, coifs, etc.